Here at The Investigation Company, we’ve been delivering specialist investigation services to organisations since 2001. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high-quality standards, timely response, comprehensive reporting, and the highest degree of impartiality to our work. This doesn’t happen by chance. It’s thanks to our pool of world-class investigators, ranging from ex HR Directors to former senior police officers. Each brings with them the very highest service standards, yet a unique and varied experience.

Why choose us as your investigation services partner?

For the past two decades, I’ve been at the forefront of conflict resolution and change management, HR transformation, employee relations and leadership best practice in the workplace. While formal investigations are often not the preferred response to employee grievance, conflict and issues within the workplace, they’re often a necessary measure. I started The Investigation Company with the vision of supporting organisations with a consistent, modern and professional approach, which ultimately puts people at the centre of the process. We’re proud to have curated a world-class pool of investigators, with experience across a full range of issues and sectors, offering in-person or remote investigations on a global scale, with no impact on performance, quality or delivery. We understand that undertaking a formal process can be a stressful and difficult time, but you’ve come to the right place, we’re here to support you each step of the way.

David Liddle, founder and CEO of The TCM Group

Don't leave your investigations to chance...

An investigation is something that no one wants to happen. But when it does, it is of paramount importance that you get it right, the first time of asking. How often have you seen headlines that criticise an organisation for unfairly dismissing its employees? It happens all too often. The consequences are not only financially damaging, but they can also put your brand, reputation and wellbeing at great risk.

Every investigation we deliver is meticulously planned, and thoroughly executed.

 We communicate effectively throughout, to ensure for full transparency of each individual case. Only once all available evidence has been gathered and carefully assessed, do we produce our written report that is clearly written and well structured. In addition to our standard investigation services, we also deliver:

  • Audits, Neutral Evaluations & Reviews
  • Investigation Training Courses
  • HR Support
  • Complex Case Management

We deliver an unrivalled service for organisations across the globe

The Investigation Company is the brainchild of our Director of Investigation & Audit Services, and CEO & Founder of The TCM Group, David Liddle. With over 30 years combined experience in the employee relations and workplace conflict resolution space, they have together grown the reputation of The Investigation Company to the world-renowned status it holds today. The below map showcases just a select few of the locations where we’ve supported organisations with their investigations, and more, internationally.

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