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World class training for competent in-house investigators

In partnership with our sister organisation, The TCM Academy, we deliver a unique portfolio of investigation training courses. These can be delivered to groups of 4 or more in-house, and we also run scheduled courses for open access bookings.

In order to deliver fair and thorough investigations, adequate training is of paramount importance. An investigation is a complex process, requiring a broad range of skills, from interviewing to analysing and in-depth report-writing. For that very reason, the process should never fall into the hands of an untrained manager/ HR professional. The stakes are simply too high.

Investigation Training - feedback & reviews

Esther Aylett Donor Carer/Unison rep at NHS Blood & Transplant

“Excellent training course. It makes me want to learn more about these types of subjects, and would absolutely use TCM again. Brilliant.”

Tracey Tomlinson Head of Laboratory at NHS Blood & Transplant

“A very informative and well taught course that has improved my confidence in performing effective management investigations.”

Cathy Miller Head of Education at NHS Blood & Transplant

“The Investigation Skills course is perfect for managers and leaders involved in challenging HR issues, providing the skills to be able to tackle difficult problems with confidence.”

Karen Ellis Donor Centre Manager at NHS Blood & Transplant

“A very comprehensive introduction to Investigation Techniques, a rare mix of enjoyable and informative. 10/10”

Janine Stockdale Continuous Improvement Business Partner at NHS Blood & Transplant

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Investigation Skills Training course and would definitely recommend it to others. The trainers knowledge was insightful and I was sorry to end the course.”

Hollie Pinder Regional Organiser at UNISON

“TCM Investigation training was brilliant, Rachael was extremely knowledgeable and provided lots of real world examples to reinforce the learning points. The course materials provided are excellent and I will be able to use this training in my day to day work.”

Karen Loughlin Regional Secretary at UNISON

“Worthwhile course, would recommend it for anyone who has to carry out a workplace investigation.”

Emily Gallagher Regional Organiser at UNISON

“As a result of attending the Practical Investigation Skills training I now have a much better understanding of what makes a good investigation report and what to avoid. I feel confident to undertake investigations in the future and present my findings in a logical and objective way.”

Esther Fanos Regional Manager at UNISON

“TCM provided a knowledgeable tutor and the learners dashboard gave a wealth of information into the subject being taught. Great that the learner can then access this dashboard even after completion of the course. Everything in one place!”

Rachel Price Regional Organiser at UNISON

“Great delivery, friendly facilitator, learnt a lot that I can use regularly.”

Annabel Beach Head of HR at Oxfam

“I can thoroughly recommend the Practical Investigation Skills course as providing very valuable tips and tools and good space for discussion of key issues for investigations.”

Lucy Musk HR Partner at Glyndebourne

“I thought the Practical Investigation Skills training was really good. The training had great content but with practical elements that you can take back to your workplace to improve investigations. I would definitely recommend TIC for training.”

Robert Langdon Appeals Assessor at Samaritans

“The Core Investigation Skills course was directly focused on our needs and hence gave us appropriate guidance to enable us to carry out tasks.”

Pam Nicholl Investigator at Samaritans

“For anyone new to investigations or needing a refresher, Core Investigation Skills is a useful and practical course.”

John Wiltshire Investigator at Samaritans

“An excellent and thought provoking course on Core Investigation Skills that I can highly recommend.”

Penny Prosser Investigation, Hearing & Appeals Officer at Samaritans

“We had an excellent trainer on our Core Investigation Skills course. They paced the training well and gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions and discuss.”

Jennifer Meledje Investigation, Hearings & Appeals Officer at Samaritans

“The Core Investigation Skills course covered a complex topic in a clear and detailed way. I felt supported because it was a great environment for learning.”

Gareth Price Barrister at Parklane Plowden Chambers

“A very experienced and insightful training offered by The Investigation Company on workplace investigations. The course was handled excellently despite being delivered remotely due to Covid-19. Would highly recommend!”

Tooba Saeed Investigator in Central Investigations Team at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

“The course was very useful in understanding the practicalities to consider when undertaking investigations such as location, time, body language and tone of voice. It provided helpful tips on how to improve quality of investigations such as weekly updates to managers and respondents taking which in a large organisation such as the NHS can often be missed. I would highly recommend to other NHS staff.”

Camilla Maple Investigations Officer at Dimensions

“The trainer showed outstanding knowledge on the subject and really engaged me on the course. I felt I could come forward with any thoughts or feedback at any point. The course had great content in the areas of investigations and report writing.”

Practical Investigation Skills

Our flagship, 2-day investigation skills course, delivering accredited investigator status.

This, our most popular training course, is suitable for line managers, HR/ER professionals, lawyers, union reps and other job functions looking to develop the skills and strategies to set up, run and report on a workplace investigation.

It will equip your organisation with access to a pool of highly trained investigators who can assist you in making an evidence based, fair and objective resolution to a full range of workplace issues.

Upon completion of the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the scope of an investigation
  • Develop a clear terms of reference
  • Interview the parties using best practice questioning techniques
  • Gather evidence in support of the case
  • Prepare a final report

Advanced Investigation Skills

Delivering an advanced level of knowledge for full time/ specialist investigators.

This 3-day course provides an advanced level of knowledge and skills practice, to increase the confidence of full-time investigators or those looking to make an assessment of more complex cases.

In partnership with our sister organisation, The TCM Group, our highly experienced trainers will support the development of the skills needed to conduct investigations into more complex issues such as accidents, harassment, discrimination, and fraud.

This advanced level package provides an additional emphasis on:

  • Advanced Interviewing Skills
  • Developing complex terms of reference
  • Accessing hard to reach evidence
  • Legal and policy considerations
  • Developing a coherent investigation report

Due to the advanced nature of the course, we can tailor it to the unique needs, objectives and context of your organisation.

Core Investigation Skills

Our one-day investigation skills short course.

In this introductory-level programme, we provide delegates with an overview of the core elements of a fair and thorough investigation. It provides an understanding of the investigation process, along with the skills needed to undertake a basic fact-finding exercise.

This course is also suitable for anyone who may be required to commission an investigation, with an emphasis on the Terms of Reference, and a coherent investigation report. By the end of the programme, attendees will:

  • Be able to set up and manage an investigation
  • Possess the key skills: active listening; interviewing; funnelling; summarising and note taking; essential to the process
  • Understand how a well written report should be structured

Understand the context of the investigation and how it links to other resolution processes.

Cognitive Interviewing Skills

A half-day workshop designed to equip senior managers, HR professionals and investigators with the advanced interviewing skills needed to conduct complex investigations.

Based on the very latest forensic psychological principles, the cognitive interviewing technique is designed to take interviewees back to the event experienced, to enable an accurate recollection of events. In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, our trainers provide delegates with the theoretical and practical skills to:

  • Conduct complex interviews
  • Draw accurate testimony
  • Understand how the truth can become distorted
  • Be able to distinguish fact from fiction

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