Amanda Orchard

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR & Complex Cases

If you’re looking to uncover bullying allegations – from harassment, discrimination and cyberbullying – Amanda Orchard is the investigator for you. A pragmatic and articulate decision-maker, Amanda retains the highest levels of confidentiality and sensitivity when investigating cases. No matter the intensity, complexity or time restrictions at play, she’ll apply her analytical expertise to get to the bottom of each and every situation.

Chris Howarth

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Safeguarding, Serious Crime, Complex Cases & Professional Standards

Chris Howarth, serious and complex crime investigator, is helping to make the world a better place. He has worked across Africa, Eastern Europe, North and South America on a variety of training and development programmes. Having worked with Interpol, a host of crimes both great and small have been fought internationally with Chris’ support, and he always puts people at the centre of what he does. He specialises in the interviewing of vulnerable witnesses and with The Investigation Company, his expertise and skills make him one of our most specialist workplace investigators.

Tola Johnson

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Fraud, Financial, Accounting, Regulatory & Complex Cases

Complex and senior level investigations are second nature to Tola Johnson, and he supports with cases ranging from discrimination, bullying and harassment to serious misconduct. A familiar face to “The Big 4”, Tola Johnson is our certified expert on financial investigation, holding senior positions at PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG throughout his career of commandeering checks and balances. Global institutions such as banks, investment houses and industrial conglomerates are under Tola’s strict jurisdiction, spearheading the assessment of anti-corruption, fraudulent activity, and corporate disputes from London to Saudi Arabia.


Kev Hall

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, Serious Crime, Safeguarding, Fraud & Professional Standards

Neutrality, negotiation, and navigation: three pillars that uphold Kev Hall’s reputation as an investigator. With over 25 years of investigative experience in police forces, Kev applies his sharp and strategic thinking to counter terrorism, professional standards, economic crime, safeguarding, and frontline policing. The government was alerted to Kev’s professionalism, leading to his work in Afghanistan as Senior Investigating Officer, supporting the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs.

David Jackson

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI, Complex Cases & Professional Standards

From the famed corridors of Whitehall and private offices of secretaries of state to the meeting rooms of The Investigation Company clients. A man of the public sector, David Jackson held executive and senior roles in the Civil Service, an NHS Foundation Trust, and Manchester Metropolitan University. His art of listening to people has been cultivated from these 20 years of HR experience, with clients noting that they felt “heard, understood, and respected”.

Carol Spencer

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Complex Cases, EDI & Industrial Relations

Leadership finds Carol Spencer. Throughout her vast career, she has secured roles as Head of Industrial Relations, Head of Learning & Development and HR Director to name but a few. It’s followed her to her role as investigator: Carol has led a national mediation team, singularly employed preventative strategies to workplace conflict, and managed industrial disputes in large, complex, and often volatile unionised environments. Putting longevity into leadership; investigating with strength, strategy, and success.

Andi Hargreaves

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Safeguarding, Complex Cases & Industrial Relations

Andi Hargreaves is an emblem of resilient and restorative justice. Her partnerships are extensive, from the Civil Service and the NHS to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the House of Commons. She has investigated a plethora of cases involving fraud, bullying and harassment, racial, sexual and disability discrimination. Andi’s core driver is to endeavour to support better working, living, and professional relationships in every organisational sector: public, commercial, not for profit – you name it, she’s on it.

Alex Dunlop

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, Legal, Fraud, Complex, Financial, Accounting, Regulatory & Complex Cases

Alex Dunlop LLB(Hons), PGDip, MCIArb is a veteran of investigations with expertise in commercial and workplace sectors. His experience spans fraud, money laundering, tax disputes, director and partnership disputes, breach of regulation or conduct, bullying, sexual harassment, racism, bias and unconscious bias, and whistle blowing. Safety and scrutiny are the holding pillars of Alex’s investigations, providing space for difficult conversations and compiling comprehensive reports. He has both the tools and skills to investigate the most complex of cases.