Suzanne Ingman

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI & Complex Cases

With a background as a Human Resources Director, Coach and Consultant working in global and SME’s – Suzanne brings her knowledge to Investigation work and has delivered workplace investigations and run appeal processes in the public sector, housing and higher education.

Suzanne uses her impartiality skills, listening to all parties to establish facts and seek relevant evidence in disciplinary, grievance and appeal cases before making evidence based decisions. Suzanne has worked on bullying and harassment, EDI and performance and conduct.

Sal Chowdhury

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI & Legal

Sal joined TCM in 2022 with fifteen years’ experience in employment law, ten of which as a qualified solicitor.  His predominantly litigation-based practice of drafting pleadings, witness statements and conducting advocacy at Employment Tribunal hearings underlines Sal’s appreciation for robust and detailed workplace investigations.

Sal has acted for a range of clients, including in the construction, pharmacy, food and beverage retail and food manufacturing industries as well as in the public and further education sectors.

In addition to advising clients on conducting investigations, Sal has chaired grievance and disciplinary hearings involving senior personnel addressing complaints including bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination contrary to the Equality Act 2010.

Sal is focused on reaching fair and balanced outcomes and seeks to find a constructive way forward for all involved parties.

Gemma Bromfield

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Complex Cases & EDI

Gemma has 19 years’ experience working in an exceptionally large organisation where she has held roles as Line Manager, Senior Manager and People Partner.

Gemma has many years’ experience of conducting complex investigations, mainly specialising in bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and disability discrimination. Gemma has a track record of maintaining confidentiality and managing sensitive conversations. Having worked with very large teams of different backgrounds and needs, Gemma prides herself at being able to adapt to support client’s needs.

Shakil Butt

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI & Complex Cases

Originally working as a qualified accountant, Shakil spent his early career in the private sector before later moving into the charitable sector. In 2009 Shakil had a career change and became qualified as an HR professional. These two professional disciplines mean that he has a more holistic perspective being adept with the two most important factors in every organisation, its people, and its financial resources.

As part of his HR career, Shakil worked as an HRD for an international organisation, responsible for staff in over 40 countries globally. He had a really diverse workforce, particularly in terms of age, gender, race, religion, disability and orientation. This provided him with extensive experience of discriminatory challenges that can present.

Since becoming a freelancer, and associate investigator, Shakil has carried out many Equality, Diversity & Inclusion investigations, around issues such as racial, sex and disability discrimination. He has also delivered training on EDI for a variety of clients.

Elizabeth Nuckowska

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR & EDI

There isn’t a single area of HR that Elizabeth Nuckowska hasn’t touched. With over 25 years experience spanning the public, private and not for profit sectors, Elizabeth brings a person-centred approach to her investigative work. The answer lies within us: she believes that every organisation has the solution to the issue they pose. And it seems the jury agrees, as Elizabeth has won numerous awards for her unique take on leadership and diversity.

Veronica Leigh-Hanson

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR & EDI

Veronica Leigh-Hanson has an innate ability to problem solve, deliver training solutions, and improve policies and procedures. So much so that her work has spanned the public, private, arts and culture, financial, and occupational health sectors. This experience and knowledge combined crowns Veronica as our reigning resident HR/OD expert, conducting investigations thoroughly and strategically by nature.

Shereen Robinson

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR & EDI

Inclusion and investigation are a joint initiative for Shereen Robinson. From expertise and experience in Employee Relations and HR within the NHS, Shereen thrives when working on complex cases relating to matters of equality and diversity. Clients speak of her as always engaging, confidential, and knowledgeable. Shereen: the shaper of organisations from past into present.

Nicholas Toko

InvestigatorSpecialises in: HR & EDI

Carl Jung once said “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Nicholas Toko similarly looks to the individual when conducting his investigation, drawing on Jungian concepts to provide insight into personality types and the dynamic between psyche and the workplace. Clearly, he’s onto something. Nicholas has over 20 years of experience in HR, change management and transformation within both the private and public sectors, handling complex and sensitive cases with a human touch.

Karen Beardsell

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI & Safeguarding

Equality, diversity and inclusion have been furthered along by the work of Karen Beardsell. From a Women’s Leadership Programme at Stonewall, to CIPD’s diversity roundtable, and steering the MIND Wellbeing Index in her 30-year career, Karen leads the way for greater openness and inclusivity in the workplace. A true modern icon for investigations and a progressive example for her clients to reflect.

David Jackson

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI, Complex Cases & Professional Standards

From the famed corridors of Whitehall and private offices of secretaries of state to the meeting rooms of The Investigation Company clients. A man of the public sector, David Jackson held executive and senior roles in the Civil Service, an NHS Foundation Trust, and Manchester Metropolitan University. His art of listening to people has been cultivated from these 20 years of HR experience, with clients noting that they felt “heard, understood, and respected”.

Carol Spencer

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Complex Cases, EDI & Industrial Relations

Leadership finds Carol Spencer. Throughout her vast career, she has secured roles as Head of Industrial Relations, Head of Learning & Development and HR Director to name but a few. It’s followed her to her role as investigator: Carol has led a national mediation team, singularly employed preventative strategies to workplace conflict, and managed industrial disputes in large, complex, and often volatile unionised environments. Putting longevity into leadership; investigating with strength, strategy, and success.

Ade Adeniji

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, EDI & Legal

Born in the UK to native Nigerian parents, Ade Adeniji weaves a lifetime of inner work and self-exploration into his work ethic and approach, culminating in 20 years of experience in HR and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. In his investigative work, Ade spins definitive outcomes out of moments of uncertainty, guiding parties by his ethos of vulnerability, emotional exposure, and conscious courageous conversations. His investigations are the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and showing up in times of unease.