Sarah Shrubshall

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Safeguarding, Complex Cases, Serious Crime & Professional Standards

Sarah is a highly experienced former senior police officer. With over 20 years as an investigator, senior investigating officer and inspector of police forces – and as a qualified nurse before, she brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the public sector.

She was awarded a Master’s degree in leadership and management at Warwick Business School, and has significant experience dealing with conflict management, grievances and conduct investigations. She has also held large police forces to account for their Human Resources policies and processes, and for how well they manage the wellbeing of their staff – a particular passion of hers.

A natural problem solver, Sarah is used to dealing with complex, sometimes high-profile cases. Her ability to cut through vast amounts of information to quickly get to the important elements of detail, matched with her warm and empathetic leadership style makes her a supremely efficient and genial leader.

Fiona Knight

InvestigatorSpecialises in: HR, Serious Crime, Professional Standards & Safeguarding

As a former Detective Sergeant in Cheshire Police, Fiona has over 30 years of investigation experience specialising in the investigation of serious and complex crime, sexual offences, and public protection. She has a wealth of experience in multi-agency safeguarding investigations and has worked collaboratively with relevant agencies such as Social Services, Healthcare trusts and local authorities.

During her police service Fiona specialised as qualified police trainer and transferred her knowledge and experience into teaching and developing detectives of all ranks. She led the Investigative Skills Training Unit where she managed a team of detectives and designed and delivered specialised investigative skills courses and development programmes in line with the National Occupational Standards.  She also represented Cheshire Police on the National Investigative Training Steering Group and on the Northwest Regional Investigative Interviewing Steering Group to assist in developing strategy and direction for the future of both.

She has most recently worked as a freelance trainer and consultant. This includes specialist training delivery for several police forces, training for government and private industry, and teaching call centre agents’ communication skills.

She is passionate about investigative interviewing and specialises in the interviewing of vulnerable witnesses, children and victims of sexual offences and understands the importance of trauma informed investigations. Fiona is also an interview advisor/consultant and can formulate interview strategies that best suit the situation and the interviewee.  She has widened her investigative roles to include non-criminal cases. The most recent cases have been as an investigator for HR complaints within the Higher Education arena which include complaints of bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct within the workplace.

Upon police retirement she undertook a full time BSc Psychology degree at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated with a first-class honours award. She focussed on Forensic Psychology and in particular her passion for investigative interviewing and blended her learning by incorporating psychology into the art of investigation.

Fran Clarke

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, Misconduct, Serious Crime & Complex Cases

Fran is an experienced & effective former Detective Superintendent with a strong background in leading teams and working with partners. Fran is adept at working in ambiguous, fast paced environments, dealing with conflict and risk and finding sustainable solutions. She has a focus on attention to detail whilst seeing the bigger picture. Fran has great experience in investigations, criminal and misconduct, together with dealing with work-based issues such as bullying and fairness at work.

Fran has experience in review, skilled in assessing complex information from multiple sources, determining what the issues are and providing clear, detailed reports. An experienced Chair, particularly in the areas of public protection and community safety, Fran achieved success through gaining the trust and confidence of partners, understanding their needs and priorities and finding common ground upon which decisions and plans could be agreed.

Fran has experience on gross misconduct boards, assessing oral and written information and evidence and arriving at fair, balanced and evidence-based determinations.

Fran is a keen volunteer, having helped in the vaccination rollout and likes to spend spare time with family, friends, her dog and trying to master golf.

Karen Draco

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, Safeguarding, Serious Crime & Complex Cases

Karen has over 30 years’ experience in the investigation of complex cases, serious crime, complaints and misconduct proceedings for a large organisation utilising a regulatory framework.

Karen has specialised in complaint handling, Misconduct and Gross Misconduct investigations, preparing cogent reports that both fulfil the requirements of legal hearings and present pertinent evidence. She has provided training to other investigators, senior management and new employees in respect of diversity, standards of behaviour and conduct.

Karen has received Judge’s commendations for her contribution to the investigation of serious crime across the Northwest region.

Chris Howarth

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Safeguarding, Serious Crime, Complex Cases & Professional Standards

Chris Howarth, serious and complex crime investigator, is helping to make the world a better place. He has worked across Africa, Eastern Europe, North and South America on a variety of training and development programmes. Having worked with Interpol, a host of crimes both great and small have been fought internationally with Chris’ support, and he always puts people at the centre of what he does. He specialises in the interviewing of vulnerable witnesses and with The Investigation Company, his expertise and skills make him one of our most specialist workplace investigators.

Tracy Stephenson

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Professional Standards, Safeguarding & Serious Crime

As a former senior police officer, Tracy Stephenson is governed by a steadfast code of conduct. Honesty and empathy affirm her investigation of professional standards. Safeguarding guides her conduct of serious offences, involving racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying and harassment allegations. Inclusion drives Tracy’s work in HR cases, from years of partnerships forged with diverse communities.

Stephen Hague

InvestigatorSpecialises in: HR & Serious Crime

Confident in collaboration, successful with stakeholders, and high performing in high pressure: Stephen Hague. With previous roles as both a senior manager and police officer, demanding objectives and serious complex cases are no stranger to Stephen. His expertise encompasses project management, risk mitigation, and negotiation – ensuring that excellence is delivered.

Rachael Stiddard

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Safeguarding, Complex Cases, Serious Crime & Professional Standards

Before joining The Investigation Company, Rachael Stiddard was known as Detective Chief Inspector and Senior Investigating Officer with the Metropolitan Police Service. Leading on the most sensitive and complex of cases has resulted in her highly specialised interviewing of vulnerable witnesses and victims. Alongside police expertise, Rachael has led multi-agency investigations in Healthcare Trusts, the Care Quality Commission, and Local Authorities. Public protection and personal welfare are at the heart of each and every investigation for Rachael.

Nick Snaith

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, HR, Serious Crime, Safeguarding & Complex Cases

Nick Snaith tackles organised crime in his sleep. Almost. With a career spearheading major investigations, national policing policies, best practice, security, capacity and capability building of law enforcement, Nick’s word is law. European, Middle Eastern and African governments have worked exclusively with Nick to implement reforms within their police and security sectors. Under Nick’s watchful eye, operations transform into profitable entities and challenging environments change to promote positive cultures through an analytical decision-making approach.

Kev Hall

InvestigatorSpecialises in: Bullying & Harassment, Serious Crime, Safeguarding, Fraud & Professional Standards

Neutrality, negotiation, and navigation: three pillars that uphold Kev Hall’s reputation as an investigator. With over 25 years of investigative experience in police forces, Kev applies his sharp and strategic thinking to counter terrorism, professional standards, economic crime, safeguarding, and frontline policing. The government was alerted to Kev’s professionalism, leading to his work in Afghanistan as Senior Investigating Officer, supporting the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs.